Book Deal Celebrations

I had a bottle of champagne in my wine rack at home that was waiting for my first book deal and on the eve of my birthday, I finally opened it. I wanted to wait and make absolute sure that the contracts were signed and everything was sown up before I took a sip and the bottle had been sitting in my room ever since I got the phone call whilst in London (see below post) that I had been offered a deal.

The kitchen is being re-done, hence the thick dust

The bottle was given to me while I was working at Visit Kent in my Gap Year and I wanted to save it for something special. Several times over the months I’ve looked at it longingly and wondered if I’d ever get to open it.

The grey blob in the top right-hand corner is one of my dogs, Delilah. We didn't have heating at the time and she's curled up beside the fireplace

I’m glad I waited because it tasted lovely and was totally worth it. I’ve kept the cork as a memory and put it on my bookcase.

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