I’ve been meaning to post about this for ages, but I got swept up in the news of the book and the end of term mayhem. Anyway, in November myself and my friends went to London of an evening to see Bookslam in Ladbroke Grove. I’d heard about it from The Book Show and thought it sounded pretty cool – it described itself as a literary nightclub – and none other than David Nicholls was going to be performing a reading there *cue dramatic music*. I’ve loved David Nicholls since I first read One Day and then I loved him again when I read Starter For Ten in India before I went to uni and, if at all possible, I loved him even more when I saw him at Bookslam.

Outside the venue

The whole evening was great and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. The venue was beautiful, with twinkly fairylights and a gig-like atmosphere and we all sat at tables positioned towards the stage, sipping drinks. It was really something different to experience and at £10 it wasn’t expensive at all!

David stole the show for me, but all of the acts were excellent and we particularly enjoyed Luke Wright’s hilarious poems, performed brilliantly. I had to buy a signed copy of One Day while I was there and it now has pride of place on my shelf. I think we’ll definitely be checking out the next show.

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