Publishing Christmas Party

On Friday I was kindly invited to my publisher’s Christmas party in London. The whole night was brilliant and everyone was so welcoming; it’s lovely to be part of an artistic company that take such care and consideration over their books and authors.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the other YA authors while I was there also, including Miriam Halahmy, whose book, Hidden, is nominated for the Carnegie Medal and another new author (like me) called Titania. Miriam was even kind enough to sign my copy of Hidden (!).

My goodies from the party - both Meadowside books that I look forward to reading!

The journey home was a bit rocky since we had to take the last train out of London to Kent, which was full of strange people and drunk people (my favorite sort), but I arrived home in one piece and it couldn’t overshadow the brilliant evening I’d had.

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