Handed in the first draft

Phew. First large edit of It’s All Make Believe has been handed in this week (woo). From previous posts, you’ll know that I’ve been working on it over Christmas, pulling the whole thing apart, changing it around and then attempting to sew it back together again. There was a scary part in the middle where I wondered if I’d gone too far and was sorely tempted to write “and then a spaceship landed on the farmhouse and they all died. The end.” But I persevered and I got to the end, the real end. I love it much more for the changes, but it still has further to go. I was encouraged by an article that I read in a magazine about Roald Dahl, one of my favorite writers (who doesn’t love him?) which said that he often rewrote a book eleven times… Eleven! Hopefully, I won’t have to stretch to eleven (I think I must be on the fourth or fifth time anyway) but it’s nice to know that someone you admire sometimes doesn’t get it completely right the first time either.

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