Re-writing and Tweaking

A week or so ago now, I received my edited ms back from my editor, Lucy with some more tweaking/changes to do (it looks nothing like the monstrosity to the left of this text, thank goodness, that’s an old story that I wrote when I was about nine, I think). The big changes to the book which included some plot and scene scraping/re-inventing were done over Christmas, when my fingers were permanently welded to the laptop (or so it felt) for the holidays. Now I’m mainly focusing on the nuts and bolts of the sentences and the pace of the scenes which need work – I have a bit of an obsession with speech and tend to overload the reader with it. Perhaps this is an underlying wish to write a script.

Lucy has also rightly pointed out that I seem to have an obsession with one of the other characters, Vivien, who I bring in wherever possible. She’s overshadowing the main character at times which is never good, but can you blame me? She’s the girl to the right of this text, based on the actress Vivien Leigh (as the main character is based on Marilyn  Monroe and her elder sister is based on Audrey Hepburn) and she’s quite a fiery, majestic presence. I think I just need to tame her slightly.

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