Minxy Vintage

Minxy Vintage by Kelly Doust

I read this book while away on holiday and I thought that it was great. Kelly really opens your eyes to the possibility of restoring/restyling vintage clothes in a friendly, approachable style. I think that buying vintage items or beginning to hunt for them can be scary at first and pretty intimidating, (hence why I still won’t get anything off ebay because I’m not confident enough to differentiate between a deal or a swindle), but Kelly makes everything seem possible. Stains all the way down the front of the dress? Just dye it a different colour. Sweat marks under the arms of a blouse? Cut them off. A skirt too long for your petite frame? Shorten it. These are very simple solutions that I’ve always been too afraid to do; too worried that I would ruin something, but Kelly’s relaxed attitude to the whole process throughout the book is infectious, and you’ll soon find yourself wondering if you could take something that you already own but rarely wear, and give it a new lease of life. As well as these simple solutions, Kelly includes many more complex ideas that inspired me and got me wondering what I could make next. This is definitely a book that I will be dipping into again and again for ideas.