Okay, I think it’s time to admit to my latest obsession – I’m addicted to Pinterest. At first I thought it was just a passing phase – something I was merely doing to procrastinate while I was finding a new writing project difficult, but no, I’m still doing it now. I used to have a tumblr (still do, I believe, since I haven’t closed it), but I never really got into that. I’m not particularly good at tweeting either, although I do try, but Pinterest is different. I love creating collages at home and anything arty, so I think that is why I get on with it so well.

I love that it’s such a tidy way of collecting images and I particularly like all of the crafting pins you can get on there. Often I’ve been surfing through blogs and wanted to remember a recipe/craft idea/general idea and now I can just pin it. It’s also a great resource for writers because you can create an inspiration board, I’ve already created one for It’s All Make Believe here and another for book two, Classy & Fabulous here, besides some personal boards.

But be warned – it really is addictive once you get going, I’m constantly adding pins and making new boards.

My account on Pinterest is here, if you’re interested in following.