Fantasy Book Deal

Just as a little aside – I literally cannot wait until Bonfire Night

So I’m really excited to announce that yesterday I signed the contract for a YA fantasy novel with Skyhorse publishing in America! I’ve always wanted to write fantasy and I always intended to do it at some point so I’m so psyched that it’s come much earlier in my career than I thought it would. It will be out in stores in Autumn (or Fall) 2013 which means that I have to deliver the finished manuscript in March (eek). It will be published under a different name to keep it separate from my YA romance so look out for G. R. Mannering ;). Just to give you a little flavor of what it’s about – it’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast (currently under the working title of Roses) and it takes place in a fantasy realm. That’s about all I can say at the moment but it’s time now to go and celebrate… or actually get down to finishing it…

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