Ex-burger poetry van?

When I first saw this article I thought, really? But yes, really. It really is a burger van that has been transformed into a poetry take-away booth. Basically, you tell these speedy poets what you want your poem to be about, (it can be as weird and wonderful as spag bowl or your naughty pooch) and then you toddle on off for a stroll, come back in fifteen minuets and voila! You have yourself a master piece.

It’s called The World’s First Mobile Poetry Emporium and it’s one of those amazing, bonkers ideas that works. It was created by poet, Tim Clare and has served over 1,000 customers at places like Southabank, Tate Modern and the BRIT Awards.

I think it’s a brilliant, inspirational idea and I will be looking out for it on my travels for sure.

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