Picture Book Deal!

daffodilsI mentioned this on twitter at the time, but I was so bogged down with Roses, that I didn’t devote a proper post to it and I am oh so excited that I feel like it needs a post all of its own.

Last month, I found out that the picture book that I wrote and the amazingly talented Bethany Straker (website) illustrated, will be published by Sky Pony Press next year! I’ve always wanted to write a picture book and I first wrote The Daffodil Who Caught Chicken Pox when I was about 9 whilst on holiday. I still have the terrible original. However, this has been completely spruced up and polished into The Spotty Dotty Daffodil. Bethany’s illustrations are just superb and I am so super excited to be working with her on this. What an appropriate time of year too 😉

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