Book Edits & Exams

The month of May has felt pretty exciting/overwhelming/busy. I finished my second year at university (exams and all), developed a new project with my mum that we’ll be launching soon and completed Roses (edits and all). I also had an enormous amount of fun and I am definitely not complaining, but this month has just felt like everything’s been lifted up a notch. Suddenly the end of my degree is that much closer and it’s time to step out into the big wide world. I have a plan (I always have a plan), but it’s frightening. Equally, Roses is finished and about to fly out into the big wide world too, which is both incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve-raking because I know not everyone will like it. No one likes everything, and although I realise this, it’s going to hurt when a poor review slaps me in the face.

In these past four weeks, I feel like I have been tested in every sense. My faith, ability and endurance as been stretched that little bit more than it ever has been before. This is not a good thing or a bad thing, it is just a thing. I’ve always been a big believer that if something is worth it – an object or a state of mind – then it will be painful to obtain. Basically, no pain, no gain. So I’ve been telling myself to welcome this tumultuous time because it means something important is on its way.

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