Booktubers Who Have Reviewed ROSES

Hi guys, today I just wanted to say a big internet-thank-you to some amazing Booktubers who have brought, read and reviewed my book, ROSES.

Some of you may be aware that I participate in the Booktube community on youtube, which is basically a group of creators and watchers who make/watch (and often both) videos about books. If you’re intrigued, then the link to my channel is in the menu bar above.

The support I’ve had from Booktube surrounding the publication of ROSES and then also THE SPOTTY DOTTY DAFFODIL has been amazing! I’ve really been humbled and so touched by everyone and although I’ve individually thanked these Booktubers (who are awesome) I wanted to collect together their video reviews of ROSES into a playlist to share on here. So I’ve popped it below to have a look at if you’re interested. As an aside, these booktubers are all fantastic so if you’re not subscribed to them on youtube (or you’re interested in the booktube community) then you should check them out.



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