Writing, Writing & More Writing


After the excitement of sharing news of a book deal comes the hard bit – writing the book. I actually enjoy this process the most (much more than marketing and interviews, which leave me worrying that I’ve done something wrong) but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. I’ve found that each book I’ve written has been completed in a different way. For some stories, I’ve just started writing and stopped when it ended, for others I’ve monitored my progress carefully through pie charts that correspond with word counts and then at times, I’ve found myself scrabbling around desperately writing a bit here and a bit there, hoping it will all come together and get itself finished one day. (If you’re wondering what all these other books are that I’m talking about, they’re novels that I wrote for myself, for family/friends or that didn’t make it to market, but were nonetheless still completed before being filed away on my laptop).

And this time will be just as different as all the others. For Feathers, I am monitoring my writing process and progress as much as I can (I’ve got to shield you from some of the crazy) on my YouTube channel (link in the menu bar if you’re interested). I wanted to try an interactive approach for this book and I’m planning to run a few competitions to name characters etc. Writing a book can be so lonely, but I hope that this will encourage me to talk about my writing (and encourage me to do it in the dark months that are coming). My first video will be up very soon with a little introduction to the series and from then on… who knows. This is yet another new way that I’m going to try completing a book and, since it’s very public, I’m a little nervous. But you guys have always been so supportive before and I’m sure I’ll be blown away again by everyone’s enthusiasm.

For now, I had better get back to writing.

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