Writing Isn’t Glamorous

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It’s become very clear to me recently why writing is not in the same glamorous league as singing/acting/dancing etc. Below is a list I compiled of the reasons why. I should, of course, have been writing when I made this list, but I wasn’t. Let’s not talk about it.

1. It takes so blooming’ long! Books take months and years to write. After the initial excitement, people aren’t that interested anymore, which is fair enough. It’s more a case of, “Call me when you’ve finished.”

2. No one looks good writing. I can’t vouch for everyone on this; to be honest, I’m mostly using personal experience. There’s nothing attractive about someone who is obsessively drinking diet coke, while wearing ‘comfy’ tracksuit bottoms and muttering about magical creatures with their hair piled high on top of their head because it gets in the way otherwise.

3. You’re alone 99% of the time. Unless you have a furry friend to interrupt your typing (like my own little critter above) then it’s just you and that laptop. How utterly depressing.

4. Bad reviews will get you down. Now this one probably is true of all things in the public domain, but writing is so darn personal that when someone destroys your story in a few sentences, then it can pretty much destroy you too. Besides, some people will actively seek out details to pull you up on. Not fun. Solved by copious amounts of chocolate.

5. People think you are rich. Unfortunately, writing books actually doesn’t earn a lot of money at all. Bummer. Unless of course you’re J. K. Rowling or Hilary Mantel. But everyone will assume that you are loaded and they will think that it is totally okay to ask you to break down your salary for them. Frustrating.

So there we go, five reasons why writing isn’t glamorous at all. Of course, all of this negativity is completely counteracted by seeing your book published and in your hands for the first time. That is completely magical and it makes it all worth while! I wouldn’t swap my experiences for anything and, to be honest, glamour is probably overrated. I doubt I’d be allowed to stand on stage in my ‘comfy’ tracksuit bottoms with a diet coke.

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