Summertime Blog Tour Coming Soon

I’m currently in the process of reading this wonderful novel by Vanessa Lafaye and I’m very excited to announce that will be one of Vanessa’s stops on her blog tour! We’ll be talking reading, writing and cake (duh) so why not come and have a peek on the 23rd of January? A little something to brighten up our dull weather.

And here’s a little taster to get you excited:

Heron Key, Florida, 1935

A town divided by race.

A community united by prejudice.

On the eve of the annual beach party, resentments are sharpened, declarations of love prepared and, before morning, a terrible crime will be committed.

Meanwhile, far out over the Atlantic, what will become one of history’s greatest storms is changing direction and heading this way. Whatever happens next, nature is about to take its course.


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