Roses = Favorite Books of 2014

I was so surprised and honoured to see that two wonderful booktubers on YouTube have chosen my book, Roses, as one of their favourite books of 2014! I’m ecstatic and incredibly humbled that they enjoyed my little book and, as I’m diving back into writing its sequel, Feathers, their support is invaluable. I haven’t read Roses since it was published and my perceptions of it have changed greatly since then – coloured by reviews, people’s opinions and my own warped memory. I will have to re-read it soon to make sure that I’m keeping everything tied up and consistent in its sequel (it’s going to be an excruciating process because I really don’t enjoy reading my own words) so it’s very encouraging to hear some nice feedback. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate advice and critical reading of my work, but when I’m faced with 40,000 words yet to write, it’s s relief to know that someone is enjoying the stories that float around in my head.

I’ve popped both videos below so that you can hear their opinions for yourself and also get some great recommendations for books to read in 2014.


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