ROSES is a bestseller = what?!

So last week I had an email from my publisher to say that the kindle version of ROSES had been picked for a special 99p deal on Amazon (so far, so simple) and because of this, it had made its way into the Amazon US bestseller chart (what?!). I logged on to have a look myself and sure enough, they were right. But I just couldn’t believe it! To see ROSES in the same league as Marissa Meyer’s books was sheer madness to me. What was my little fantasy book doing up there?

I was pleased, to say the least. And especially pleased since I am currently in the process of wading back into FEATHERS and returning to a working draft after a long break can be quite disheartening (every awkward sentence and typo is a dagger in my heart) so thinking about all the people that have loaded my book onto her kindles lifted my spirits. I can only hope a few people get hooked.

bestseller screenshot

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