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I’d been planning to make this video for over 6 months and finally last week, I did it. I think doing something new can always be quite daunting and since my YouTube Channel is a hobbie that I do in spare time, justifying extra energy and hours to try filming something completely “un-tried” can be tricky. But I’m so glad I eventually ended up doing this. I was helped (a lot) by my little sister and I’m pleased with what I produced. It’s nice to create something new and unique. I hope to do more videos like this in the future.

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  1. Mattien D

    November 14, 2015 at 5:59 am

    Hey that’s an amazing video?
    Why did you wait so long to do something like this?
    Seems like you could’ve done this earlier because this came out great!
    Please tell me you will be doing this more often.

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