Beards In Review


So it’s been a little while since all of the ‘beardage’ on my blog and I wanted to review the past few weeks. I’m so pleased by the response to Boo’s Beard online. There have been some wonderful reviews such as, this one and this one, and an interview too. I love all of the ‘beard selfies’ I was sent and I especially love the one above featuring all of the team at my publisher, Sky Pony – that one really put a smile on my face! Soon I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway who will be walking off with a copy of the book and a cuddly Boo toy (ya lucky thing) so watch out for that. But this is by no means the end of my beard-antics, come Christmas time (which is just around the corner) there will be more ‘beardness’ so it’s only a matter of time until I’m back flooding your feeds with grey whiskers. *cue evil laughter*.

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